Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wow it's been a long time!

So much has happened since we last spoke. Michael Jackson died, the Saints wins the superbowl, the government has gone nuts and Lauryn Hill agrees to go on Lawd knows I have an opinion/conspiracy about all of those issues but what strikes me the most as being interesting is what I heard on the news this morning. Were you aware that Dunkin Donuts(DD) sell more coffee than Starbucks???? How is this true? The DD coffee is cool but it's boring. Unless I'm making my own coffee I need a coffee experience. Starbucks just make you feel like you're serious about your coffee; you're a coffee connoisseur; you know something about coffee that the rest of the world don't and that's why you pay $20 for one cup. 

I go to DD and I feel like I'm settling. No where to sit. No one is conducting a million dollar deal at the table beside me and I only paid $3.00 for my latte instead of $5.00. AND the customer service is usually whack! Please don't get me started on McDonald's lattes, that's if their machine is working. I'll venture out to DD on McD as a convenience factor but for the most part I'm Starbuck's or bust!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

OMG...gas is outta control

So I filled my tank up yesterday and it cost me a whopping $51.00!!! That's outrageous. I do not have a SUV and I used regular gas. My car is a 98 Honda Accord and should not cost me $51 to fill up. I'm officially considering gas a luxury item.

After I filled my gas tank up I took a trip to Target. I had to get some odds and ends but since it's Target, of course I browsed the aisle. I saw two pairs of shoes ready and waiting for me to purchased BUT because I was scarred from my $51 gas purchased I didn't purchase the shoes. Those two pair of shoes from Target equaled $38. How sick is that???? I could have gotten two pairs of shoes with change left over for one full tank of gas. The problem is gas is a must. Of course I could take the bus but it takes too long and it can be a little dangerous and a lot of germs. Typically my car trips are quick...15 minutes or less.

Gas just isn't fair. You can't return it and you can't negotiate a discount. There isn't a GasRack, TJGas, or Gasoline Basement where you can search the racks for name brand gas at a discounted price. There's APPS that allow you to search for the cheapest gas in your area but typically it's only $.01-$.03 difference. By the time you go to the "cheaper" gas station you've used your discount during your travel time.

But alas there is a little reprieve. Giants & Shell. If you have a Giant card you can use your card at Shell gas stations. I did this and got a whopping $.40 a gallon off my gas. It was like Christmas in February. It was short lived though. I share my card with two family members who stay on the road so I forfeit points to them. With gas prices the way they are that should qualify me for wings and the pearly gate...IMJ!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I want to blog!

I mean be a real blogger. Someone who blogs and make it interesting. I look at blogs and constantly think...I can do that. It's just giving your $.02 and for those who know me...knows I like to give my $.02. The thing about blogging is that it's actually a job! To sit and think about what you're going write is work. Do you have an interesting topic, do you have photos, videos, links to links, etc? As I read these various blogs I realize that blogging is a community. I mean bloggers know bloggers. There's a method to blogging, people are creating best selling books from blogging and oscar winning movies from bloggers. It seems pretty incredible when you really think about it. You sit and give your opinion amongst thousands of others and somehow your thoughts, traveling or cooking adventure turns into a movie! How can I be down? I have opinions. I don't mind cooking from Rachel Ray's or Emeril's book if it means a movie deal.

I think what makes a good blogger is someone who is willing to "share." Someone who doesn't mind the world knowing their issues and trials and tribulations. WELL that ain't me. I can easy give my opinion on everybody else but I'll pass on sharing my feelings. SO I'll continue to spew off a paragraph or two once in awhile as long as you don't expect me to get all sensitive.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Don’t talk to me. I’m not in the mood.

So I was watching the final episode of Weeds the other night and they were about to board a plane. Before boarding one of the characters, played by Richard Dryfuss, started discussing his plan on how to avoid someone sitting beside him on a plane. His technique was to write Jesus on his hat, that way a passenger would assume he’d talk religion the entire way.

I’m not a big plane converser. I don’t mind talking but I’d rather not. I don’t necessarily have a tactic. Most people tell me that until I smile I look mean. I think my tactic is too mean-mug. I don’t growl or anything but I appear unfriendly. There’s been a few times when some unassuming stranger breaks my mug and forces me to talk. I just think relaxing is the best thing to do while flying.

As much as I like to travel I still get anxious with each flight. To not be rude here are a few avoidance tips:
1.     Sleep – Strangers can’t talk to you if you’re sleeping. If the stranger talks to you as soon as they sit down make sure you yawn a lot.

2.     Eat Onions – Who wants to smell onion breath for hours. Grab yourself a bag of Funyuns before boarding. Also works with garlic.

3.     Read – It’s all about looking busy. You will have a few strangers that will use your book as a reason to strike up a conversation but 70% of the time reading will work.

4.     Listen – Keep your earphones on! It doesn’t matter how many times the stranger tries to talk to you do not remove your earplugs. Pretty soon the stranger will get tired of you saying “huh.”

5.     Talk – Talkers hate talkers because they like to dominate the conversation. Out talk the talker until the talker gives up!

Follow these tips and you’ll have a peaceful trip. Unless you’re the talker!

Nobody takes a bite outta France like New York!

Next to Korea, nobody can bite, copy, duplicate, etc. a handbag like New York. So if you want to skip the 20-hour flight and save money on a better “knock-off” go to New York. (Insert Legalese Here) Passport & Shoes does not support or encourage the purchasing of any materials posing as authentic.  Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Delancey St. in New York is known for its stretch of “shops.” The shops’ names are unimportant. Your directions to the perfect underground shop may go something like this, on the corner; next to the alley; beside the coffee shop with the yellow and green awning; and not the coffee shop with the blue and red awning.

Delancey Street is all about the negotiation. The shop owner may have a strong accent but believe you me they understand you perfectly. The front of the store will have obvious duplicates. Your Gucci bag may have lower case “g” or your Fendi bag may actually have “l” instead of “f.” Hold your ground. Try not to appear obvious or anxious. The shop owner will eventually invite you to their back room, the Knock-Off Mecca. Only the designer will know what’s real and what isn’t. This is where the negotiations really take place. Don’t let them see you sweat! Keep eye contact! Walk away when they don’t accept your final offer. Believe me the walk away always work. It may not work immediately but before you leave Delancey St. be sure to walk pass that shop and I guarantee someone will encourage you to come in for that final deal.

WTF…OMG…TSA It’s a hard job butt somebody has to do it!

Pat it down TSA…Pat It Down! What’s the less of two evils? The pat-down or the body scan. I guess it depends on who’s patting and who’s watching. I was listening to the morning show the other day and the comedian made a call to men. He said, “all men need to fly raw!” His description of flying raw was wearing sweat pants and taking at least half a Viagra pill. Wowsers!

Comfortable or not I do think that’s it’s necessary. Since the 9/11 attacks we’ve heard of individuals “testing” our security system, and in most cases our security system failed. According to the TSA blog site pat-downs are used to resolve alarms that occur at a walk-through metal detector. Weapons are advancing quicker than technology and my first priority is my safety.

As it stands only a small percentage of passengers will actually receive a pat-down. As long you continue to take off shoes, watch, underwire, earrings, laptop, pacemaker, loose change, metal plate, etc you’ll be pat-down free!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday

Shop til you drop! Not for me, not this year. For the past 5 or so years my sister and I hit the stores on black Friday. Elbowing strangers and sneaking hands in to grab that 4am deal. This year, me and my sister opted out of the mess.

Of course, the budget has something to do with my lack of enthusiasm but more importantly I'm a member of a family who's pretty satisfied with what we have. Sure there are things that we want but we're not in need of anything. I remember fighting my way through the crowd last year to leave with items that were not on any special sale. I think I'm finally losing my zest for shopping BUT wait there's more.

I didn't go out but I did hold my remote! Ahhh yes!!! My new pleasure! HSN and QVC!!!! I remember when I was kid, maybe 11 or 12, and my aunt had a house filled with home shopping treats. Boxes were everywhere! She didn't even know what she purchased. Junk jewelry for everyone. Most people compare my shopping habits with my Aunt but HSN and QVC are now high quality retailers.

Emeril, Wolf Gang Puck, Mariah Carey, Iman, Serena Williams, NFL are just a few of the brands they carry. Once you add flexpay to the equation it's a done deal. Where else can you buy a Keurig for $99 with free shipping and 5 easy flexpayments of $19.99??? That's right no where. So "eff" the malls, grab your remote, and buy you and your family some Iman Global Chic faux fur shoes with matching jean jacket and purse!